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Eight practical tips so that you pick furniture no longer worry about

09/07/2013 09:38
1, bearing in mind that wood moisture level. With high water content, easy to warping, distortion of wood. Moisture content shall not exceed 12% of the furniture, consumer purchase, no test equipment, you can take a hand on approach, hands touching furniture or bottom where there's no paint, if the feelings become damp, moisture content, at least in the 50% above, cannot be used at all. One solution is to paint on the wood didn't sprinkle a bit of water if spread and sink in slowly or does not spread and sink in, indicating high moisture. Selection of Panel deformation, swelling, bump in the Middle, indicating Board water absorption is too high.


2, pay attention to materials used in furniture. Materials on the surface of the furniture, such as desks, chairs, cabinets of the hired thug, asking for a hardwood, such as ash, oak, solid, load-bearing, while the internal material other materials available. Coat thickness of the Cabinet legs required to 2.5cm, too thick seems awkward, thin, easy deformation. Kitchen and bathroom cabinets cannot be made with fiberboard and plywood should be used. Fibreboard suction power strong, in contact with water it expands, damaging. The dining room table should be washable. Find wood poles, foam, description to dry thoroughly, so furniture does not buy, because of the poles is bite size. Check surfaces, to open doors, drawers, have decayed, can pinch pinch with your fingers, pinching, it means rotten. Upon opening the door with my nose to smell the smell, if red nose, glaring, tears, description cements in the formaldehyde content is too high, be harmful to the human body.


3, pay attention to whether the furniture firm, mortise junction is tight. Small pieces of furniture, such as chairs, stools, a hanger at the time of the selection, such as can drag and drag on the cement floor, gently falling fall sound crisp, indicating better quality if inter-voice mute, splitting CHOW sounds description mortise with imprecise, structure unsound. Word table, the table can hand-shake shake, stabilizing instability. Sofa seating, but then hanging out, if not active, not weak, no sound, indicate the mortise structure, solid, if this Wiggles a loud, shake shake, a nail, and it won't be long. Square table, pair of side tables, chairs, the legs should have clips of the four triangles, fixation, and if not, long time might fall apart. Pick can turn the Chair upside down and take a look, fabric chairs can touch a touch.


4, when selecting the furniture also to check the flat floor furniture four feet. This put it on level ground but then knows, some furniture on only three legs fell to the ground. Take a look at the desktop is straight, not arch back or falling back. Desktop raised, placed on the glass plate will evolve desktop recessed, put a pressure on the glass pieces. Check the cupboard door and drawer joints can not be too large, to pay attention to horizontal even direct, kind of not sagging.


5, candidate for veneer furniture, whether it be sticking veneer, PVC is affixed finish foil, note whether the leather put up flat, bulging, bubble-free, put together to sew to lax. Check when reading, do not flush light invisible. Curve Willow veneered furniture damaged, usually only two years. As far as the veneer, edge veneer peeling well. Method of identifying them is the pattern of the wood, sliced veneer wood texture, straight, dense, rotary cut veneer pattern of curved and soothing. Veneer Particleboard furniture, parts must be edge, not edging boards will absorb moisture, swell damage. Veneer furniture in General where the corners up, selection of handcuffs can be used when the corners, if you pull up, note adhesive has a problem.


6, bearing in mind that furniture edge, the edge is smooth, tight. Uneven edge, indicating materials in wet, edge, will fall a few days. Edges should be rounded, not straight edges at right angles. Wood sealing edge can easily become damp or cracked. Inlay furniture plywood package, the package is made of nails, be aware that nail hole formation, nail holes and other colors are consistent. Nail holes are usually use Putty to seal, should pay attention to whether the PuTTY bulging, such as, but not bulging, PuTTY will slowly from the inside out.


7, select mirror type of furniture, such as a dresser, dressing mirror, full-length mirror, be aware that as a photo, look in the mirror if deformation lose colour, check whether the mercury mount at the rear of the mirror and back, no backplane is not eligible, not out of paper, or obliterating mercury.


8, painted parts of the furniture you want to smooth, flat, do not flow easily and does not wrinkle, pimple-free. Corners cannot be straight edges at right angles, straight edge easy collapse of slag, paint. The kind of furniture should also be painted inside, easy bending not painting Board, and not pretty.