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Fall home improvement note

09/07/2013 09:36
For families on the initial decoration, decoration should be borne in mind that the top-five's attention, when the renovation is completed, don't forget to do a few checks and testing.


While five attention


Note: don't all the pavement marble building ground. Than marble floor tiling and wood floors higher weight dozens of times, if the ground all the pavement marble has the potential to overwhelm the floor. In particular, two or more layers, because without the housing safety assessment and identification of housing decoration, its floor decoration materials weighing less than 40 kg/m2.


Note II: not free to wear at the bearing wall hole. Do not change or removal of retaining walls connection balcony and window size or build another wall and the expansion of the existing Windows and doors Windows and doors, which may cause cracks and seriously affect the seismic capacity of building local, thus shortening the life of buildings.


Three: no excessive luxury. Covered with plates on the walls, ceiling mounted two or three layer stereo ceiling on this decoration looks like a luxury, but it's not advisable. Because the walls covered with sheets, occupy more space, will narrow the space of the area as a whole, costs are more expensive, while conducive to fire. Too low a ceiling will make the whole room sense of oppression.


Note IV: wire and aluminum wire for bogey. Because the conductivity of aluminum wire poor use wires easily fever, loose connection or even cause a fire, wire use copper wire. Addition in construction in the channel on the wall should also be careful not to direct buried wires should have a regular tube installation, to avoid leakage and cause a fire.


The five: do not place the stove in kitchen renovation on a wooden cabinet, a total gas valve cannot be wrapped in a wooden cabinet. Once the Cabinet is on fire, gas main valve cannot be turned off in the fire, the consequences would be disastrous.


Decorated four detection


Plumbing: pipe to the closest, minimal interface as standard, straight pipes are neatly, curved and overlapping as little as possible; all indoor copper tube, coated copper pipes for hot water, PVC pipe for water, interfaces with a waterproof adhesive plaster; installation of the basin and surface level and four are; kitchen, bathroom floor drain; installed to test the waters.


Floors: polished floor if there are pits and scratches, corners need in grinding and polishing machines; Earth waxes oil for at least three times the floor; floors a wire edge cover with their feet; end of wood floor you want to do with a splint, slab to be placed with greaseproof paper or plastic film, and four side with space reserved. Wooden plate surface should be smooth and planing marks, closure broken pieces and Burr-free, pattern clear, paint coat color uniform, gap closely, staggered joints location, clean the surface, seams straight founder. In terms of bond, bond firm, surface cleaner, non-overflow, floor tile and arrange reasonable appearance. Joints tight, smooth surface, arrange reasonable joint appearance, catchy, straight and corner cutting accuracy. Wood burned hard wipe wax and soft wax, floor wax spray to evenly without Bush, smooth and bright luster.


Ceramic tile: brick surface mounted flat, angle to be precise, interface to the line; the bathroom need proper chamfer on the ground, not water; tile interface after the sweep of white cement with tengsi brush the white cement, not cement stains on the tile surface.


Wallpaper: wall Hou first brush a again waterproof oil, to polished 5 again above, each again are with are, sandpaper polished, has gap be immediately patch, to eye see can't convex wall au bit, to hand touch no large au large convex for standard; wallpaper touch mouth to accurate posted clothing, and no bubble, by provides on spent, with swords incision, not has paper side tear phenomenon.


Paint: bright surface color correct, uniform and smooth fit, without tears, too thick, reveal the ins and outs of the matter, bubble; paint border straight and tidy, not oil-fouled; the walls gray can't bump recess, corner flat. The interface board and Board, or Board and wall shall be affixed to the tape after ash; at 1 meter distance of latex, trace Sweeper gone; dowels coloring to be precise and smooth.