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Furniture buying tips

18/06/2013 15:13

Furniture buying tips

How are we supposed to buy furniture? What kind of stuff can't buy it? Following 3 types of furniture, it is best not to buy.
First is the relatively low prices, bargain special easy not to buy it. I will not speak, kanjia so easy, think about it, there must be some problem, some furniture prices particularly cheap, sometimes kanjia, even thousands of dollars under the table, so that most of the furniture is to use a large number of quality materials with low prices, tend to be fair without, foul within consumers to such seemingly cheap, do be careful.
Second is to have a strong scent of furniture not to buy it. Some furniture such as cupboards, buy when I opened the drawer, open door smell stimuli make people cry, so that serious excess of formaldehyde content of this furniture. This furniture of great harm to the body, is generally not recommended to buy. If the conditions to buy such furniture, best buy their clothes for a while before use.
The third note is made of Panel furniture edge banding is not fully do not buy. Use of wood-based panel furniture parts made of very strict restrictions on the edge, especially Particleboard furniture should require all edge banding, which can limit harmful substances emitted in the Panel, but many manufacturers to save on materials, are only doing local edge, so best not to buy furniture.
Furniture, from the production of material sense, there are two main categories: furniture, solid wood furniture.
Furniture base material for artificial Board (MDF, Particleboard, blockboard, forming a Board), apart from the table leg with hardwood, and are formed by the Panel. Wood-based panel surface veneer or paper-plate plastic veneer for furniture. Furniture modeling simple, personalized, stylish, more in line with young people's preferences. It's a weakness, however, do not like solid wood furniture is durable.
Solid wood furniture-mostly classical-style, Chinese style, neoclassical, modeling dignified, practical, and durable, for old favorite.
After you know the major categories of home furniture to the average consumer, how to judge quality, quality furniture, is to buy the furniture must master the intelligent.
Furniture shopping, mainly in two steps: positioning prior to purchase for yourself what kind of furniture purchased from process and judge the quality of furniture material.