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Identified a whole wardrobe is genuine

12/07/2013 15:14

 Whole wardrobe is an indispensable important component in modern home decoration. Wardrobe thanks to tailor-made, and eco-friendly, stylish, professional characteristics, consumption has now become a family wardrobe. Wardrobe can be designed according to your needs, put it in a home when forming closet recessed into a wall, not only can cut into the hanging clothing space, available space inside, top space or bedding, or kids bored games. Through the choice of wardrobe sliding tones to achieve seamless and the entire room decoration. If your bedroom is large enough, it can also design of a walk-in dressing room with wardrobe, sets a new style of sliding doors on the outside, made in a private space that's completed.


Now a whole wardrobe of ten brands on the market everywhere, their appearance and style, cabinet structure, and so on are much the same. So, among the many wardrobe, how to choose a suitable wardrobe became the purchaser issues of most concern. Many small factories and black-hearted merchant with poor environmental plate and hardware pretending to be regular factory brand sales, profit. People expressed doubts about the industry as a whole, regular factory production of the plates are environmentally friendly, well-known brand manufacturers can meet the European E1 standard. Here there are several ways to quickly identify the authenticity:


A look at the packaging (if signed contracts and businesses, domestic businesses are guaranteed to be original, be sure to ask for logistics tracking)


So it can know whether businesses were switched, after arrival, the original packaging is branded with the order number above. By logistics and packaging alone would distinguish whether OEM. (These were later signed a contract need to be specified in the contract, has anti-businesses not to admit)


Two metal pieces


This is the OEM business where most likely false, often low-quality hardware to impersonate the original hardware or name brand hardware. Regular factory for hardware security is very thin, small as a connection, all of the drawer Rails with the Security Cabinet the same signs, so view the little metal pieces will soon tell whether regular factory production.


Three models (not finished)


Model is usually sealed on three sides, leaving clients view the quality of the base material. First of all, with her fingernails to scratch, see if you can blow out the powder, if you can, don't purchase, no matter how cheap the price as this plate in humid environment encounter with a severely deformed, or even break. If you can't scrape the powder, the next checker, to smell with my nose, looking for a pungent smell (the smell of socks) and if there is, it means that the content of formaldehyde, there is a great deal of injury to human beings, the same can not buy.


If not, look at the veneer (sheet is smooth) touch by hand and see if it is flat, lines are very tidy clarity. Usually high quality high gloss Panel surface. Feel good, trace is very clear. Formal manufacturers generally have anti-counterfeiting marks printed on it, with eyes to see.


To explain the veneer materials here, now on the market with a veneer of up to three poly amine hydrogen stickers, this veneer physico-chemical properties is relatively stable, has the advantage of moisture, acid, not easy to deform, and three polyethylene amine hydrogen veneer finishes, such as brushed not later, also reduces surface cracking. If the amine hydrogen environmental protection melamine panels to the substrate, volatile can reduce harmful gas.


Finally is the edge, edge of good or bad about whole wardrobe's top ten brands of quality and effectiveness. Regular factory production most of the plate imported edge banding machines, edge is of high quality, don't look at it don't see the interface between the two. With plates and large knives are difficult to separate them. Regular factory on the edge of the security tag (on the Panel). OEM can't do these several points.