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Selected note eight sofa detail

05/07/2013 13:17

 In recent days, when in the selection of sofas, disagreed with the family, both diverging a bit unpleasant. Have a friend from work at home industry for many years. Happen to their company specializing in soft beds and sofas, wanted to ask her if she is the most suitable.


It is understood that pick note eight sofa can be bad news.
First, avoid regardless of style. Relative to the home base of decoration, sofa in addition to using function, also played a role against the environment. Therefore, sofa styles and colors must be consistent and home decoration, decorative accents. Wanted manufacturers get it directly from a friend, but saw they ForMe a couch, postmodern style, we can't top this door decoration of small, bought only clogging.


Second, avoid regardless of size. At the time of choosing a sofa on the market, you will find the sofa size lot, there are thousands, so there will be a situation like this, buy back sofa is too large, the living room became crowded, sofa size is small, and the overall ratio of space. Therefore, at the time of choosing a sofa, you should be aware of their living room or bedroom area, and then choose the right sofa.


Third, avoid regardless of the family's lifestyle.
IV, must not consider the depth of the sofa. Common dimensions of sofas in the market depth is 95 cm, the depth is suitable for person under 1.7 meters in height. Height 1.7 m people over the depth of 105 cm is a good choice of sofas, can completely relieve back tension.
V suitable regardless of the loading capacity of sofa. You want to choose a durable sofa, first frame is durable easy variant of the sofa.


VI, must not consider the resilience of sofa. Generally only used in traditional sofa frame bending Springs, sofa in use after a period of time like this is prone to problems of deformation and collapse, thus affecting the appearance and use of the sofa. Now good resilience of sofa generally use snake-like combination of springs and bandages, firmness and resilience of this sofa will get double step, even if your kids jumping on the couch and cushions are also prone to deformation.
VII, avoid regardless of the comfort cushion. Perfect soft sofas, sit not suitable for normal, would have an impact on the spine of the human body.


VIII, avoid regardless of the wear-resistant and washable sofa. If families with old people and children, to choose sofa fabric for stain-resistant, good resistance to abrasion. In addition to romantic Fabric sofas, leather Fabric sofas is good according to personal preferences and select the appropriate good home-style.