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University panic on the home front

02/07/2013 14:10

Hosting a big fat open house for graduation appears to be a Minnesota tradition. And it's a tradition that seems to ignite a frenzy of home upgrade.

Through, I've listened to neighbors fret over their home's flaws, Soon to come in contact with all the world when their child graduates from high school and they have to host THE OPEN HOUSE.

I've heard of people who bought new furniture, Repainted things first floor, Even one who had a new deck installed because she was afraid the old one had rotted spots that might collapse under the burden of all those guests.

My nextdoor community completely relandscaped their back yard, The year BEFORE graduation so your plants would be lush and mature by the time THE OPEN HOUSE took place. Their new back yard was so gorgeous it shamed me into doing longoverdue pruning in my own back yard. Well later, The day of that party, Everything rained. Not only the sprinkles but a downpour that kept the party confined indoors. All they could do was show guests the drenched landscape with the window.

My own home has many unpleasant features. The flooring is badly scratched and worn, The rug is stained, And the within and exterior both need painting. I vowed last year to handle all those decor sins in time for my son's graduation this June.

But here you go, Absolutely midMarch, And undertake and don't have been addressed. My son's hockey team gobbled up all our time, And my young one's study abroad gobbled up all our spare money.

Now i am feeling panic. Perhaps THE OPEN HOUSE will have to be a picnic somewhere else. Commenters has to follow our Terms of Use.